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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Public Service Commission impressions

I worked in the Public Service Commision as an advisor and as a representative of the IER, University of Peshawar for about two months and what a 'TAMAASHAA' (Spectacle doesn't convery the real sense here) it was! Many of these 'old horses' kept asking absurd and absolutely ridiculous questions from the hapless interviewees, almost the same set of questions from every Tom, Harry and Dick, without taking into consideration their subject of specialisation. Translate 'Aj gosht ka naghaa hai' into English was the absolute standard of one such member of the selection committee, for failing or passing candidates. Another one was stuck with asking mathematical lacunae from anyone under the sun, no matter whatever subject he/she had graduated in. Another one was obsessed with asking about 'Hajj ke Faraaiz' from every Khan, Majnoon or Laila. He failed a number of candidates just on the grounds that they didn't know 'Hajj ke Faraaiz'! And passed a candidate who was otherwise so so, but was able to narrate 'Hajj ke faraaiz' in no time. Amused, I asked the candidate, if he ever went to perform Hajj. And he said 'yes'!! There was another 'examiner/member' in the PCS who would ask every candidate, again notwithstanding his/her subject of study, to draw 'Pakistan ka naqshaa'! Only one candidate was able to do that and he was selected! Its another matter that the candidate was actually selected as an Urdu teacher and not as a Geography one! There is a lot more but I feel its enough for the time being

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