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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Righting the wrong of our history

Our relatively younger generation , who have been growing up during Zia's era like myself and who have been fed on indoctrination in the form of school textbooks specially books on Pakistan studies and social studies; who have been kept away from facts in an era when people didnt have much exposure to print and electronic media; and consequently who can see only one side of the picture(perhaps the dark one), would immensely benefit, if knowledgeble people senior people in Pakistan would bring on record, their reflections on what actually happend during those dark ages, and why are we now, where we are? I think this would be a great service to our people. We need to know facts and to tell those to our children and our students in schools, colleges and universities. I feel we are going to dogs as a nation because our rulers have been trying for too long to keep our people in the dark to deceive and exploit them. I feel this nation has been fed on hollow jingoism and self-righteousness for too long. That is why we cant see things beyond ourselves. We cant see any good anywhere else in the whole wide-world. So much so that we have lost the ability to learn from others the good things that we can, while intelligently keeping our hands off their bad things. Now we need to turn the corner for we have been moving for too long in the wrong direction. For that we need to keep our eyes and our ears open. We need to train our younger generation to be their own selves, to think for themselves, to decide for themselves, to develop a positive outlook on life and on humanity as a whole, to look at others critically but not with contempt, but with an open mind. To understand before criticising, rejecting and ultimately hating. We can be different while at the same time not pose as enemies to the whole world. That surely is not a wise way (not even a viable one) of living in today's world. I remember some western sage saying something like this 'Islam is the best religion with the worst followers'. Sometimes I personally feel the most unlucky aspect of Islam is that today this 'intellectually' most appealing religion is represented predominantly by people who have no understanding either of Islam or the modern complicated and complex world! Now combine 'this' Islam with our predominantly corrupt political culture and the level of our ignorance and hypocricy and the recipe is a lethal brew, a recipe for disaster, the results of which are now very obvious. WE NEED TO KNOW THE FACTS OF OUR PAST NATIONAL LIFE IF WE WANT TO SURVIVE!

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