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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Secular humanism

The message in (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIHk4_7l-yY&feature=player_embedded) is positive and welcome but I dont think religion or metaphysics in their essence would stand in the way of what Paul Kurtz call 'Secular Humanism'. It is only obscurantism, bigotry and myopism that's the enemy of both humanism (secular or otherwise) and mytaphysics...

"So, you young men (and women) out there, I commend you your spit and vinegar. Go out, sharpen your minds, arm yourselves to the teeth with the beauty and the power afforded through mastery of secular disciplines; science, math, philosophy, history. Never subjugate your independent,rationale and awesome intellects to the doctrine or dogma of others. But I would hope for each of you, that when and if the time comes, that you can be objective and rational when you are confronted with experiences that can not be explained or mastered via the tools with which you have equipped yourselves. When and if that time comes, I implore you:

Do not make the mistake of assuming that that which you cannot see does not exist.

Do not make the mistake of accepting that that which you cannot understand can not be experienced.

Do not make the mistake of submitting that that which you cannot master completely cannot be harnessed for your benefit.

Do not make the mistake of believing that that which you can not imagine cannot be made real.

I believe that we have all suffered from the imposition of and indoctrination by the dogma and doctrine of the religious mainstream. I am heartened that we are taking back control of our thought processes, values and ideas. But we are capable of mastering both conceptual and empirical pursuits. One is not subversive to the other. The warrior armed with both shield and sword will always fare better in battle that the warrior armed with but one.

Such has been my experience, at least."

To the above someone come up with the following questions: ok, Ilyas, here are some of my questins

1. Why do you mention about religion and metaphysics after you listen to the song? For me it’s just a simple love song.

2. What is secular humanism? I checked on line and read the explanation, but still don’t know what that is? Can you give me an example?

3. I commend you your spit and vinegar. Is there any other meaning for spit and vinegar?

4. Metaphysics: I have heard this terms for many many times since I was a college studnet, but never understand what it means, we once discussed about the matter of existence, you showed me your hand from the pocket and wanted me to guess what is inside? Frankly speaking, I think this guy is insane, your aberrant behavior caused me worry about your sanity, but the more I listen to you, the more i am interested in what you are saying. It seems there are some points, so I become patient then, after a while, You began to talk about the God, the existence of God? I lost my patience again. I rather believe that GHOSTS are everywhere.

I wonder why do people have a wild religion enthusias, why do people go to church, temples, mosques on a regular basis? if all the religions teach people to be good, why not just doing the right things without the guidance from god. I digress a bit from the topic, but still, what is metaphysics? It’s so controversial that even the scholars can’t reach concensus, right?????

5, i will hold my last question since i am so tired now. will ask later...

My response:

1. After listening to which song?

2. Humanism which is not in need of any particular religion or even religion. So a believer in Secular Humanism cares for HUMANITY without taking into consideration anyones religious affiliations. And I'll love/ take care of you as a human being not as a muslim, or christian or Hindu or a follower of any other religion, creed or ideology.

3. Spit and vinegar: ' It means everything from having a little spunk or a little fun, to taking a stand for yourself or someone else'

4. Smiles me insane...you were so right! Now...METAPHYSICS! Well begin with this : "Metaphysics- Derived from the Latin word meta which means beyond, metaphysics would literally mean that which is beyond the laws of physics." So what is it that goes beyond the laws of physics? That's for you to think princess!

5. Now what's your fifth question???

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