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Sunday, 4 March 2012

The ‘castle of Islam’ concept

The ‘castle of Islam’ concept : The tool of isolationism is ideology because it indoctrinates and creates the uniformity of thinking that the castle demands. States that give the impression of being castles insist on the uniformity of mind. It is only by thinking the same way that you can live inside a castle without conflict. Hence, the importance of an agreed ideology protected by a Penal Code prescribing the measure of punishment that a breach of ideology, will entail.

Pakistan, as a castle, is trying to defeat efforts at creating difference of opinion and tolerance of opinion opposed to the indoctrination of the state. If English punctures the isolationist discourse, it must be either abolished or tamed through forcing ‘three streams’ of education — English, Urdu, madrassa — into becoming one dictated by the state. The castle of Pakistan is still being built.
Khalid Ahmad ET, Pakistan

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