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Monday, 19 March 2012


What is it?

Is it concrete
Is it abstract
Is it phronetic
Is it epistemic
Or is it gestaltic

Where is it?

Is it in the bird
Or in the flight of it
Is it in the fish
Or in the swim of it
Is it in the bee
Or in the honey of it
Is it in the rose
Or in the colour of it
Or in its fragrance
Is it in the poet
Or in the poetry
Is it in the philosopher
Or his philosophy

Where is it

Is it out there
Or is it in here

How is it?

Is it black or white
Is it grey
Or is it coloured
Is it straight
Or crooked
Or square
Or biological

Is it yours
Is it mine
Or is it ours

But who are you?
Who am I
Who are we
Are we one
Or many
Or many in one
Is reality in us
Or are we in the reality
Or is it that we and our reality
Are but shadows of the real?

P.S: An extempore flow of consciousness that I wrote for my talk on ontology to my colleagues at a UK university.

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