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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Romance Fades

Screaming pulses,
Beating hearts.
The sky's the limit
when you're in love.

Once announced
the object turns
from one of affection
to that of indifference.

Romance fades.

Routine creeps in.
What once was sweet
new and exciting
is now tarnished.

Requited love is often
the hardest love of all
for it is much easier
to love from afar.

Romance fades.

Who knew that he
wakes up disheveled
every morning
with as many flaws as me.

Imagination cuts deep.
Champagne and strawberries
turn into a six pack
and backseat fondlings.

Romance fades.

The sun has risen
Now it will set.
What once was golden
Slowly blackens.

Muted sensations.
Slurred voices.
Reality is tiring
and romance is dead.

Nadine Tisdell


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